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The Grozny Insurgency

March 16-18 Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, Mississippi


A year has passed since capture of Grozny, Chechnya by NATO forces. Since the fall of 2017 a general cease fire has been agreed upon until the new year by NATO and Russia. All sides in the conflict are struggling to continue despite heavy losses. For NATO and their western allies many changes are coming...


The United States under President Dwayne the Rock Johnson has drawn back it’s military commitment to the NATO cause in eastern Europe, Southern Russia and the caucuses increasingly relying on old allies like France, Spain and Britain. Poland has emerged as a military power in Eastern Europe with allegiance to NATO but a deep desire for peace on their eastern border. Russia has abandoned allies such as Chechnya, Kazakhstan and even whole swaths of southern territory in the face of the relentless NATO armies. NATOs advance has been maintained at a previously unheard-of intensity in ground warfare since the second world war.
Since 2012 NATO and RUSSIA have been locked in a fierce battle between land forces in which neither side has employed nuclear weapons or strategic bombing of cities as a tactic. In the fall of 2017 a general cease fire was agreed to by both sides and active combat operations have effectively halted across all fronts. In the former Russian federal states conquered by NATO and the former Soviet or pro- Russian “satellite” states many questions remain to be answered.
Since the fall of Chechnya civil functions have been maintained by local leaders over the last year, but Chechnya needs a leader and an election has been called by current president Ramzan Khazanov and his opposition., NATO and Russia, agreeing to support the election and honor the outcome.
However, bitter resentment is growing in Grozny over what many see as the heavy handed suppression of grass-roots leaders and disastrous foreign intervention. On the eve of the election this resentment threatens to boil over at THE GROZNY INSURGENCY