Welcome to MILSIM WEST

A Veteran owner and operated company, MilSim West is the most cutting edge military simulation production company in North America. Founded in 2012 by a group of friends who wanted to take the military simulation experience to the next level through the creative use of blank fire fires, pyrotechnics, military vehicles, as well as integrating current and prior-service military members into the players chain of command to give participants a truly unique and exciting milsim experience not found anywhere else. 


OCT 26-28 , George Air Force Base , Victorville, CA

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Last spring near Stavropol an entire NATO Task Force was encircled and destroyed by Russian forces. This defeat brought years of progress to a stunning halt and it has taken nearly a year and a half for NATO forces to regroup for another offensive.

Join MilSim West August 31-September 2nd in Centerville, WA for RETURN TO STAVROPOL on 3300 acres of land in one of the largest AOs ever used for war gaming.