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A Veteran owned and operated company, MilSim West is the most cutting edge military simulation production company in North America. Founded in 2012 by a group of friends who wanted to take the military simulation experience to the next level, MilSim West has continued to push the bounds of realism to the next level through the creative use of blank fire weapons, pyrotechnics, military vehicles, as well as integrating current and prior-service military members into the players chain of command to give participants a truly unique and exciting military experience not found anywhere else.

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Footage from "Clash on the Steppes" May 27-30, Centerville, Washington


Objective Stavropol


OBJECTIVE: STAVROPOL April 28-30 in Centerville, WA.

After the success on the Steppes last year NATO forces have pushed ever closer to Stavropol. Their offensive has since slowed down to a crawl and seeking to break through NATO High Command has ordered a daring airborne offensive with the objective to seize the area surrounding Stavropol and eliminate the Russian resistance in the area.

Join MilSim West as we return to the Pacific Northwest for OBJECTIVE: STAVROPOL in Centerville, WA April 28-30. Blank fire, pyrotechnics, ample military vehicle support, military and combat-veteran cadre on over 3300 acres of playable area in South-Central Washington combine to make the Milsim West war gaming experience a unique and immersive one for those who are looking for the next step up.

Location: Centerville, Washington


Balkar Ridge

BALKAR RIDGE at THE COVE in Gore, VA May 12-14.

The Kabardino-Balkarian Republic is a small province in Russia's northern Caucasus region. Since NATO seized Grozny in the Winter of 2017, they have been using the Caucasian highways to run logistics to deployed units throughout the conflict.

As NATO continues to secure the small pockets of resistance in the Caucasus, Russian Forces seek to continue disrupting NATO logistics by engaging supply movements along the mountainous region with guerrilla tactics in order to halt continued NATO advances.

NATO intelligence has located the source of many of these attacks – a ridgeline that locals refer to as BALKAR RIDGE. As NATO forces move into the area, Russian forces dig in and prepare to defend BALKAR RIDGE.

Location: Gore, Virginia



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