Meet Our Cadre


The responsibility of our cadre is to supervise, assist, and coordinate the execution of all MSW events. All of our cadre are combat veterans of the Afghanistan and/or Iraq wars. They play a critical part in the full immersion of our military game play. They are not babysitters, they are here to mentor, teach, and provide insight into the real-world application of conducting military operations. Treat them all with the respect and credit they have earned.



Joshua Holmes, USMC

  • Sergeant, USMC

  • Combat Veteran of Iraq

  • Provisional Rifle Company team leader

  • 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

  • Lead vehicle commander for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Security Team

  • Incident Response Team covering Fallujah and Ramadi, Iraq


Michael Golembesky, USMC (MARSOC)

  • Staff Sergeant, USMC

  • Forward Observer

  • JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller)

  • Infantry Squad Leader

  • Combat Veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq

  • 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Team 2

  • Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor

  • New York Times Bestselling author


Jim Hansen, USA (Ranger)

  • 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

  • Afghanistan Veteran (with five deployments)

  • Conducted over 300 direct action raids

  • U.S. Army Sniper School graduate

  • Soldiers Medal with Valor

  • U.S. Army Combat Infantry's Badge

Jonathan Wade, Canadian Forces

  • 14-years of service in the Canadian Forces

  • Canadian Light Infantry (Arctic, Airborne)

  • Combat Veteran of Afghanistan

  • Foreign Internal Defense force, Afghanistan

  • CDS Commendation Medal for Valor

  • Former SOFREP contributing writer

  • Owner of Sentinel blog

Michael Shrum, USN

  • U.S. Navy Corpsman

  • Combat Veteran of Afghanistan

  • Conducted over 120 combat patrols in Helmand Province, AFG

  • Conducted Anti-piracy and VBSS operations off the coast of Africa

  • Combat Trauma Management Director with 1st Marine Division

  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor

  • Blue Diamond Group Godfather

Patrick Bacon, USA (Ranger)

  • Assigned to 3/75 Ranger Regiment

  • Multiple GWOT Combat Deployments

  • Ranger School Graduate

  • Mortar Team/Squad Leader

  • Machine Gun Team Leader

  • RASP Cadre

Rob Kauder, USMC/ANG

  • 1st Battalion, 4th Marines

  • 1st Battalion, 161st Infantry (Washington National Guard)

  • Infantry Squad Leader

  • 60mm Mortar Section Leader

  • 13 Years of Infantry Experience

  • Combat Veteran of Operation Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom

  • Participated in Three WestPac Deployments and Two Counter-Narcotics Missions

Will Langford, USMC

  • 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion II MEF

  • USMC Sergeant, Squad Leader

  • Military Police Dog Handler

  • Special Reaction Team Assaulter/Breacher

  • Specialized Training in Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Assaults, and CQB

  • Conducted Multiple Tactical Law Enforcement Operations with NCIS

  • Attached to Marine Special Operations Team as a Dog Handler

Erik Hickly, USA

  • 448th Civil Affairs Battalion

  • U.S. Army Major

  • Combat Veteran of Afghanistan Supporting MSOT and ODA

  • Branch Qualified Military Police and Civil Affairs Officer

  • Company Commander

Alex Ryan, USA

  • Combat Veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq

  • Stryker Rifle Platoon Leader

  • Airborne and Expert Infantryman Qualified

  • Decorated U.S. Army Captain

  • Founder of Archangel MilSim

  • Two Time MilSim West Commander

Jordan Miller, USMC

  • Sergeant, USMC

  • Afghanistan Veteran

  • Scout Section Leader

  • 5-years Infantry Experience

  • 4-years Armorer & Gunsmith

Anthony Pariano, USA (Ohio National Guard)

  • Combat Veteran of Iraq

  • Fire Team Leader

  • Combat Life Saver

  • Designated Marksman

  • Convoy Security Operations

  • Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator

  • Crew Served Weapons Gunner

  • Disaster Relief - Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

  • Awarded Bronze Star & Meritorious Service Medal

  • Creator of the "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Nick Greco, USA

  • 2/325 AIR 82nd

  • Veteran of Iraq and Haiti Operations

  • Designated Marksman

  • Anti-Tank Specialist

  • Infantry Squad Leader

  • Psychological Operations

Jan Milan, USMC

  • 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion

  • 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

  • Combat Assault Battalion

  • Light Armored Reconnaissance Weapons Platoon Commander

  • Amphibious Assault/Explosive Breaching Platoon Commander

  • Amphibious Assault Vehicle Company XO