World War 2

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World War 2


MilSim West, in partnership with G&G Armament​, is proud to announce our latest in our WWII event - World War 2!

MilSim West’s World War 2 is our second venture into historical airsoft and will be an all fronts, all theaters WWII event featuring a mix of blank fire and airsoft. This will be an incredibly unique experience and is designed to promote historical war-gaming by bringing both the reenacting and historical airsofter community together for two annual events on each coast.

Each of the MilSim West owners participated in WWII reenacting for several years, and even ran the top WWII airsoft events under a different brand and are now extremely excited to run WWII events once again.

Join us October 12-13 in Clovis, CA for our first venture into historical war-gaming!

Registration opens Sunday, Friday August 9th for $60.

Q. Why the price difference over MSW events?

A. MilSim West is running this event, but it is not a MilSim West style event. This will not be 40 hours long, there will be not be the same level of cadre/staff, and there will be different rules.

Q. Will this be a full 40 hours event?

A. No, this will be a much more “casual” event. There will camping, or the option to stay at a hotel room for those that would prefer to do that. Each camp will be divided into a historical camp with strict authenticity requirements, and a modern camp.

Q. What impressions are kosher for this event?

A. Any WWII impression from any theater is considered okay whether it’s partizan, US, British, German, Russian or even Japanese. The factions will be divided up into Axis, Allied, and Partizan units.

Q. Can I bring my blank fire weapon?

A. Yes, California Historical Group (CHG) members will be allowed to abide by CHG rules. Those who are not CHG members will have to abide by MSW rules which require a blank fire user to be 21+ and to have a gas restrictor on their weapon.

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