Seize Gronzy

January 27-29, 2017 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Camp Shelby)

Almost a year has passed since the Battle for Grozny where the victorious Russian forces drew the NATO task force in and then enveloped them forcing the survivors to flee.

Grozny remains firmly in Russian control, however Grozny must be seized if NATO forces wish to continue their advance north through the Caucuses. With the stakes higher than ever they have spent the last year training and assembling a new task force with one goal - SEIZE GROZNY!




Fill out all registration information accurately and completely. —MSW Staff

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NATO Forces

$175.00 per ticket

As part of a US led NATO Task Force your job will be to eliminate the pocket of Russian resistance and conduct counter insurgency operations on Cossack villagers in the area.

Wearing Multicam and using American style weapons (M4, M16, SAW, M240, etc.), you will be operating as part of a company sized element within a coordinated and structured chain of command running from your squad leader up to the company commander.

Multicam is the required camouflage pattern for NATO, however if you bring a full squad of 9 participants (or 2x squads - 18 members) you can wear any NATO camouflage of your choosing (DPM, flectarn, AUSCAM, etc.) as well as use weapons from those countries (L85, G36, AUG, etc.).

Please note that we have a strict "No Refunds" policy. 

Russian Forces

$175.00 per ticket

As a member of the elite Russian interior forces and spetsnaz along the Road to Rostov you will be linking up with Cossack villagers for supplies and fighting alongside Cossack militiamen to reclaim lost territory and eventually repelling the NATO invasion of Southern Russia. Wearing Russian camouflage, and Russian weapons (AK, SVD, PKM, VAL) you will be operating out of a combat outpost where you will be expected to pull your weight with a motivated and close knit team operating within a loose, but tight knit, chain of command.

Please note that we have a strict "No Refunds" policy. 

Cossack Militia

$175.00 per ticket

As a member of the Cossack militia you will be aligned with and working closely alongside regular Russian forces. Wearing US woodland, OD green or Russian camouflage (or a mix of the 3) and carrying any weapon you choose (Russian weapons preferred!), you will be operating out of the Russian combat outpost. For those looking to work alongside the Rushing Russians, or operate within a loose but tight-knit chain of command this is the faction to join. 

As with regional or militia type forces at previous MilSim West events we ask that you keep your weapon as “slick” as possible (minimal accessories) and leave any high speed plate carriers and helmets at home.

Please note we have a strict "No Refunds" policy.