The Ruins of Saratov


The Ruins of Saratov


After two years of bitter back and forth fighting both sides have managed to control portions in, and around, the city of Saratov. The acceleration of conflict on the Eastern Steppes of Russia has only cemented the strategic importance of Saratov, and both sides seem determined to fight over it until there is nothing left but ruins.

MilSim West Presents The Ruins of Saratov November 8-10, 2019 at the PANTHERA TRAINING FACILITY in West Virginia complete with a full shoothouse, combat town, and maneuver areas.

Registration opens Wednesday, July 31st!

Price will be $150 until August 15th when it will rise to $175, and on October 1st it will rise to $200. Registration will close October 18th. This encourages participants to register early so that MilSim West can hire the adequate number of staff and cadre to support the event, and book travel early.


Q. What kind of Panthera facilities will be available?

A. The Ruins of Saratov will take place across the entirety of available Panthera resources to include their combat town, two-story shoothouse, check point and multiple outbuildings as well as standard maneuver areas.

Q. Can I bring my own POV and use it for my squad or platoon?

A. No.

Q. Will blank fire be allowed at this event?

A. Yes, blank fire will be allowed for approved participants, 21 and over, who pass the blank fire inspection and safety test. If you are interested in running a blank fire weapon you must PM the MilSim West Facebook page for permission. It is the responsibility of the participant to make sure their firearm is in compliance with all relevant state and municipal laws.

Q. Does the event actually start Friday? Can I show up Saturday?

A. The event starts Friday, that means actual operations start Friday as well. Saturday check-in is highly discouraged and will be at our convenience. Plan on showing up Friday.

Q. Will this be a 24-hour event?

A. No, this is a 40 hour event. 40 hours continuous in the field, there will be rest breaks however you must be able to sustain yourself for 40 hours.

Q. Can I go back to my car mid-game? Or can I sleep in a hotel?

A. No. You will not only be missing out on an essential part of the experience, and much of the event, but you will also be damaging the immersion of the rest of the participants.

Price will be $150 until September 15th when it will rise to $175, and on October 1st it will rise to $200. Registration will close October 18th. This encourages participants to register early so that MilSim West can hire the adequate number of staff and cadre to support the event, and book travel early.

Q. Can I wait till the last moment to pay?

A. Yes, you can wait till the last minute to pay, but we wouldn't recommend it. Our previous event sold out before the close of registration leaving many who were planning on coming, but hadn't registered yet, out in the cold. On top of that, there is a significant discount offered to those who register early.

Q. When does registration close?

A. Registration closes 2-weeks prior to the event, on May 12th. We would not recommend you wait that long as we expect this event to sell out before then.

Q. Something came up and I can't make the event. Can I get a refund or voucher for the next event?

A. No, we have a strict no-refunds policy. If you are military and we can transfer your ticket in the event that you are unable to make it, however we will no longer be accepting ticket transfers for any other reason.

Q. What are the available sides at this event?

A. There are two available sides and three factions. There is a multi-national NATO force on one side, then a combined Russian with Cossack militia on the other.

Q. Cossack militia?

A. Yes. This will be a perfect chance for people who want to play Russian, or with the Rushing Russians, but don't have the kit required for Russian kits. Unlike the Tatars at Crimean Crisis, the Cossacks will 100% be integrated into the Russian chain of command.

Q. What are the uniform and/or kit restrictions?

A. NATO is limited to Multicam; however, if you bring a squad of 9 or larger you can wear any NATO based camouflage you want - as long as it is not Russian or US M81 Woodland. You must PM us prior to the event if you plan on doing that.

Russian forces are limited to Russian camouflage only.

The Cossack Militia are limited to US M81 woodland and OD green so please no high speed fashion items. This is a militia unit, think surplus not Magpul.

Q. What are the weapon restrictions?

A. NATO is limited to US style weapons only (AR variant/SCAR/M249/M240/M60/M40/SR25/M14s).

Russians are limited to Russian/Soviet weapons system (AK/SVD/PKM/RPK).

Cossack Militia have no weapon restrictions but excessive attachments and optics are discouraged.

Q. What airports are closest to the AO?

A. Baltimore (BWI), and Washington DC (DCI) are around 2-3 hours away.

Q. What are your age requirements?

A. 13-15 must have a parent or legal guardian as a registered participant as well as a notarized waiver. 16-17 only needs to sign the participant waiver and have your parents sign and notarize the Minor Participant Addendum to the waiver. 18+ are good to go.

Q. What are the gear requirements?

A. Beyond the gear you need to play airsoft for 12 hours without resupply you should bring everything you need to live, sleep and eat in the field for 40 hours. See the MilSim West TACSOP for more details.


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